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IT Staffing Contracts: Five Things You Need To Know

Published on
Apr 12, 2022
Written by
Socrates Govindasamy
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Socrates Govindasamy

TN Technology Attorney

In the business realm, contractual staffing or C2C has made waves and is increasingly gaining more popularity due to the immense benefits it provides for employers and businesses in general. It is a nice method for employers who seek flexibility and upscaling of their business operations with temporary staff. This article gives a brief overview of contractual staffing and 5 things you need to know about IT staffing.

 What Is Contractual Staffing?

Contract staffing is an arrangement between an IT Staffing vendor and end customer.  Generally, businesses need manpower for a specific need or project and this is generally short term.  This will fulfil that need without onboarding new staff and being responsible for new employees.  All that will be taken care of by your IT Vendor.

5 Things You Should Know About The IT Contract staffing

Forms of contractual staffing

There are two forms of contract staffing that businesses can employ to support their IT  workforce; this includes the independent contractors who have a direct agreement with a company and the agencies who connect businesses with professionals who are skilled to fulfil the required tasks. Usually, there is better organization and management when IT staff are contracted through agencies.  Businesses can focus on the business need while the IT staffing agency focuses on the HR aspects. 

High level of operational flexibility

 As a business, hiring contract staff to oversee certain operations gives a high level of flexibility in your workspace while reducing the labor cost. You can always decide on whether to renew the contract of contractors and also terminate them if there are no satisfactory results (or no longer a need).

 A Quick Way To Provide Results.

Contracting staff is a shortcut for businesses that desire to achieve certain goals within a very short time. Occasionally you might desire a quick turnaround of certain projects. This can be achieved through contract employees as these individuals are already trained, do not need time for onboarding, and can quickly help meet a strict deadline.

 Challenges With Communication

 If you decide to hire an IT contract staff, you must know that you might not be able to have access to excellent communication as this contract staff may not be present on-site most of the time. What this means is that you have to rely on regular updates and emails from contract employees as they are not usually included as a part of the general work team.  Here it is important to outline in your vendor agreement who will be responsible for communicating with the contract staff.

 Consistency In Standards

This is a  major challenge for contract staffing as it is difficult for you to obtain a uniform standard across your IT operations with different contractors due to the varying level of expertise.  Your contract should address SLAs, how time will be monitored and frequent touch points between the parties. 


Indeed, contractual staffing for IT  benefits all businesses, especially regarding flexibility and management of costs. But before you hire a few contractors, you must inspect from all angles, including all needed for successful contract staffing. Also, ensure that all agreements are documented, you work with a trusted vendor and the legal process of contract staffing is fulfilled.



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