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What To Watch Out For With Outsourcing Your Workforce

Published on
Jun 7, 2022
Written by
Natalie Sulimani
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Natalie Sulimani

NY Technology Attorney

 What is Outsourcing? Important Consideration Factors?

Outsourcing is a business practice where businesses give out tasks, services, or some business operations to a third party who is not a part of the business on a contractual agreement. Essentially people are hired to fulfil certain tasks without being retained as employees. This is often done by businesses as a great way to grow without expending many costs. Before deciding to outsource some tasks, there are some things to watch out for.

Skills Required

If there is a one-time skill that is required for your business,  it wouldn't be very cost-efficient to have a new employee or train your staff in this scenario; rather, simply outsourcing to bridge that gap is sufficient. On the other hand, if such a skill is pertinent and required continuously, hiring an employee or training your staff would be worth it.

Task Complexity Or Difficulty

Within business operations, certain tasks are sure to consume many resources; these tasks are preferably handled through outsourcing as they free up time for your employees to invest in other valuable operations.

Essence Of The task to Business Operation

 It is important to note that some business operations are key to the business's existence, and as such, this should be highly considered before deciding to outsource. If you go ahead and simply outsource operations that form the core of your business, there is a likely risk that you are going to lose your value or have your company's visions disrupted, and thus the essence of tasks should be thoroughly considered before outsourcing such that the essential tasks are fulfilled by trained employees.

Communication Management

 In the outsourcing of jobs,  there is a dynamic with the communication aspect; this is because all outsourced employees will not be present on-site, and for the success of the engagement, effective communication must be established. Communication mediums such as the use of emails, phone calls, and regular updates should be set in place to ensure a smooth flow and exchange of information.

Work Assessment

If you decide to outsource some tasks to third parties, it is highly expected that you place a means to effectively assess and supervise the quality of the work. This is to ensure that the agreed standards are adhered to, and errors and inadequacies can be corrected or pointed out quickly.



The success of outsourcing is dependent on careful planning, preparation, and implementation. Businesses who intend to outsource should accurately evaluate the needs of a business, schedule, and plan to ensure that the goals and motive of the outsourcing are adequately outlined. It is also important to select the best, be definite about the contract and assess the performance of outsourced operations.

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