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So, you want to open a U.S. office. Five things you need to know

Published on
Oct 4, 2022
Written by
Natalie Sulimani
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Natalie Sulimani

NY Technology Attorney

Setting up an office in the US is a great way to extend your reach as a business. This is because the U.S. provides an excellent avenue for business growth and expansion. However, to set up your office in the USA, there are a few things to consider because the United States is quite different from other countries.

In this article, we look at some peculiarities of setting up an office in the United States and 5 considerations to bear in mind.

 Your Business Type

Your company in the United States can be either an LLC, a limited liability company, or a corporation. The limited liability company is suitable if you're looking to be exempt from personal liability and is much easier to register than the incorporation. Although LLCs are easy to set up, they have some restrictions not found with corporations.


 To set up an office in the United States, you are mandated to register with the secretary of the state of affairs of the location you intend to use. You'll be required to provide documents that have to be approved before you're given the pass to set up; this can take between four and six weeks before approval. You also have the chance to speed up the process by paying some fees.

 Choosing a location

Before choosing the company's location, you must understand the state laws and tax regulations and compare it with your intended location to see which is more suitable. It is also essential that you assess the budget as it might be different for each state.  The level of competition your business within a location also differs. While the biggest cities in the United States give you access to more customers, you will be challenged with more competition.  

Attorney services

The legal aspects of having an office in the USA is one of the most crucial and should not be negotiated. An attorney would help you with visa issues and other legalities that need to be covered. Get a support team or a  hiring team to cover employment needs and help you decide on H.R. matters, the payroll, and even the employees' insurance.

U.S. bank account

This is a crucial consideration, and most banks would require your physical presence in the United States before a bank account is opened. This can pose some level of difficulty. Although depending on your business type, a viable alternative may be through the use of fintech solutions and online payment gateways for your business


Everyone is welcome to run a business office in the United States through an LLC business structure. To ensure that all requirements of the LLC registration in the United States are covered, employ the services of a registered agent who would handle all legal matters and papers on your behalf.

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