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The Five Steps You Should Take When Setting Up Your Business

Published on
Mar 21, 2022
Written by
Natalie Sulimani
Read time
5 min

Natalie Sulimani

NY Technology Attorney

The Five Steps You Should Take When Setting Up Your Business.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have been sitting on a brilliant idea?  Maybe a 9-5 worker who is tired of the redundant and stressful job? Don’t think a pandemic is the right time to start a business?  Think again, now is the time of pivot and reimagine.  

Building a business can be a challenging task, largely because it is an interdisciplinary process that requires inputs from many different subjects. However, with adequate preparation, you might be on your way to fame and fortune.  

Preparing adequately means knowing your market, testing your product, gathering feedback, and refining your business as quickly as possible. Here are five crucial steps you’ll need to take if you want to set up a successful business.  

Step 1: Make sure you are building something people want.

While your business idea might be great if it is focused on building something you want rather than something other people want, it is likely to fail. People are only going to use your product or service if it meets their needs or is based on demand.  

Hence, you need to validate your idea, start testing the market, and ruthlessly build up feedback loops.

 Step 2. Conduct an Initial Market Research.

Initial market research is crucial to building a business as it will provide answers to critical questions about your products or services and customers. Through this research, you should be able to determine what type of products or services you want to offer, the individuals or businesses that will use your products/services,  how often they will need to use those products and/or services and what benefits your products and services will provide to your customers. It will also enable you to develop effective strategies to reach your potential customers. The benefits of market research are endless; thus, it is essential you do it.  

Step 3. Create a business plan.

You wouldn’t step into an unknown city without a map, so why would you start a business without a plan? Your business plan should be an overview of your company, what you want to sell, your approach to the business, and include concrete action steps that will enable you to optimize an opportunity, monitor your achievements, and, of course, improve all your past failures.  You will also need a market plan. This should encompass who your customers are, the different channels you’ll use to reach them, and strategies for each.

Step 4: Test It All Out

If you are operating as a brick-and-mortar enterprise, ensure your staff is well-trained on your point of sale system and that everything is running smoothly.  

And if you will be running an ecommerce site, ask friends or colleagues to use your site to make sure everything works well. Pay keen attention to the checkout process, as it needs to be as simple and streamlined as possible.

Step 5: Get out and just do it.

This is perhaps the most crucial step of the business building process. You can dream, plan, or analyze all you want, but you don’t have a real business until you transfer all the things from previous steps into reality. Everybody can dream because dreaming is an easy process, but everybody can’t be an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs are people who get up, get out, and build their dreams. There is no perfect moment; the best time to open the (real or virtual) doors of your business is now.  


Starting your own business can be your greatest achievement or biggest regret. It is up to you to determine what it will be. Choosing an idea that serves a crucial need, testing that idea, soliciting feedbacks, conducting broad and in-depth market analysis, developing essential plans, validating your sales systems, and getting to work are all the steps you need for setting up a successful enterprise.

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