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A statement of work, or SOW, will contain the details of the actual project.  Timelines, deliverables, responsibilities, SLAs, escalation, and payment terms.  A Statement of Work is something you’d want as a plug and play, meaning, you would have your attorney draft the framework of the Statement of Work and your technical staff will input the details of the project.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the SOW is just a technical document, something a lawyer doesn’t need to look at.  While it’s true that it is primarily a technical document, you want to make sure that your lawyer has outlined the legal terms of it which can be the payment terms, responsibilities and so forth.

Another common mistake is transposing a proposal as the SOW.  A proposal to a customer is your marketing tool.  It will contain more sales language and will be a more high level description of the project.  The proposal will be the foundation of the SOW but not take the place of the SOW.  Just like the SOW, it is a good idea to have your attorney create the framework of the proposal so as not to create warranties or other language can be problematic down the road.